The importance of trust in leadership

We know about the importance of trust in a relationship. Unfortunately, we often limit our thinking to the relationship with our loved ones.

However, good leaders know how crucial a trusting atmosphere with the team is.

Good leadership is hard work. Ans trust is not the only factor that contributes to a good and productive team climate. It is one piece of the larger puzzle.

At the beginning, for example of a project, team member often trust their superiors (depending on prior experiences). But, trust is fragile. Sometimes one incident is enough to deeply impair the relationship between leadership and team member. And often, this damage is long-lasting.

For example, if a person is being punished for a mistake in an unreasonable way (and I’d like to ask the question if punishments can at all be a reasonable action?). Then, you might have the problem that your team won’t share critical things with you. Or worse, they lose their motivation. And with a loss of motivation you lose ideas. And if you lose ideas you lose potential value.

Repairing or rebuilding trust is difficult and takes time. We know that from our relationships. But it is not impossible. My approach is to acknowledge my mistake and especially be willing to understand how the other person felt. An open communication is key. However, as a leader, I have to take the first steps. When there is hierarchy involved it is less likely that the team member will approach the topic by him- or herself.

I want to encourage you to reflect upon your role as a leader and how you can build or repair trust in your team or, of course, in your relationship.


What other advices do you have to build or repair trust? Let me know in the comments or write me a mail =)

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