Weakness disguised as strength

Society tells us to be strong. Show no weakness. Is it surprising that we approach everything not only with a can-do but also with a must-do-it-alone-attitude.

But what can be negative outcomes of such an attitude?

Let me give an example from my own life. I also tend to have this I-must-do-it-alone-attitude and I am convinced, that I can cope with everything and I can figure everything out. You might have guessed it, there are things I was not able to handle on my own. I always told myself I am strong enough and asking for help is seen as a weakness. However, not asking for help is weakness disguised as strength.

Appearing to be strong and always capable will strain and exhaust not only your mind but also your body. The results are stress, headaches, problems sleeping, or even burn-out or depression. In those situations, we are not balanced and in sync with ourselves. And, it will deplete your energy reserves. And for what?

Often, we will ask for help. But often when it is already too late. Or we don’t ask for help and the results are not satisfactory. On the other hand, what happens if we acknowledge, that we need help as soon as we realize it?

Firstly, we can learn something about ourselves. We can learn what the real problem is and why we couldn’t solve it on our own.

Secondly, we will learn how to better handle a similar situation in the future.

Thirdly, we show vulnerability which makes us human and it helps that other people can relate with you. It is an incredible how being open with our weakness can positively impact the ones around you. And it is a wonderful way to build trust.

So, the next time you hear that little voice, telling you to be strong and you can do it on your own, think about if there is someone who can help you.

This is real strength!



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