Give your emotions breathing space

At the moment, I have all kinds of emotions. Sometimes, I feel as I will drown in them and then I try to control them. That, however, is rather counterproductive.

If that happens I need to remind myself to give it space. I got two very good advices from two friends of mine.

The first one is to acknowledge, that your feelings are there and want to be heard. Trying to force them down will only increase the force with which the emotion will make its way through to the surface. Instead, give it enough space and accept that it is there. It can give yourself insight into yourself and what it is your body or mind want to tell you. Another advantage is, that it helps to balance the emotion and to reduce its impact. But don’t be impatient. Giving it space, doesn’t mean it will disappear faster. You will be better able to handle it though. The key is to be patient with yourself and to be kind to yourself.

The seconds advice is to focus on your breath. My friend told me that he regards his breath as his best friend. He is always there with you and has the power to calm you down. Just focusing on your breath, inhaling deeply into your stomach helps to feel a sense of peace and relaxation. In addition, be aware that you are already enough at any moment in time. I know this sounds difficult, especially when you are in a bad state of mind. But it is a thought that can give you comfort.

And if you do both at the same time you will be able to handle everything =)


What are your ways of dealing with strong or difficult emotions? Write a comment or write me a mail.

Take care and keep breathing =)


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  1. J says:

    Write it down. Journalling is a great way to deal with difficult situations.


    1. Hi Jo, thanks for the comment. Is there a specific way you do the journaling, or do you write down what comes to your mind? And do you know when it is enough?


  2. J says:

    Yes, basically I just write down what’s in my head, what is bothering me, what I think about. Actually, I never thought about when it’s enough. I just stop when I feel like.

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