Two inadequate bricks

Sometimes, I tend to focus on the negative in my life. And although I understand that our brains are hardwired to give more attention to negative or “dangerous” issues, I also know that I can train my brain to see the positive in my life, at least as clearly as I can see the negative. The following short story by and about Ajahn Brahm, helps me to shift my perspective.

Ajahn Brahm was living in a monastery. One day, he was asked to build a wall. He had no prior experience in building a wall, but he finally agreed to do it. He worked hard and dedicated on the task and after some time he managed to complete the wall. When he took a step back to look at his creation in all its beauty, he quickly realized, that there were two bricks who stood out. They were skewed and crooked and ruined the whole wall.

In fact, Ajahn Brahm was so ashamed of this wall that he made it his goal that nobody will ever see it. As this monastery has a lot of visitors, this wasn’t an easy task, but he managed it to lead all visitors around this ugly ugly wall. One day, a visitor got away from a group and found his way to the wall, built by Ajahn Brahm. When Ajahn Brahm realized it, he hurried to the visitor to lead him back and away from the hideous wall.

When he arrived, the visitor said to Ajahn Brahm what a wonderful wall this is. Ajahn Bram thought that he is making fun of him and his wall or that he might have trouble seeing correctly, because that wall is everything else, but wonderful. He decided to ask the visitor, if he cannot see those two bricks that are skewed and crooked? The visitor answered, that he can see those two bricks, but that he can also see those other 998 perfect bricks.

What are your two bricks, you focus your attention on? And an even better question: What are those 998 other bricks in your life? Try not to let a few bad things to consume all of your thoughts. I bet, there are a lot of beautiful things in your life. And yes, maybe they are small. But, in the end, we decide what is a “small” or a “big” thing in our lives.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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