36 Questions to fall in love – II

In this entry, I will answer the second question of a 36-question series published by the New York Times, which goes by the name of: 36 Questions – How to fall in love

If you didn’t read my answer to the first question, you can find it here =)

The second question of the series is:

Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I don’t have a clear answer to that question. A part of me says yes, and another part says no. I will try to summarize why one part would like to be famous while the other doesn’t.

I want to start with the part that does. Sometimes, when I see a movie or read an interesting article about someone inspiring, I feel determined to become someone like them, too. Someone who is rich, who can travel a lot and inspires others. And here are already three interesting insights. Why do I need to be rich, or why do I want to travel, and why do I want to inspire others? Money gives me a feeling of safety. It can give me freedom to do what I want. And yes, a valid question is: do I need to be rich to do what I want? No, I don’t. However, I am still in the process to rethink my relationship with money. I know where it comes from, but I also know, that I want to change my view on it and get rid of the belief that I need money as a safety net.

Why do I want to travel? Traveling gives me access to new impressions, cultures and people. It can enrich my life and help me to understand myself better, as well as others. For frequent readers of my blog, this is a recurring theme. And last but not least, why do I want to inspire others. And here we touch the second question, in which way I want to be famous. I am fascinated by wise people and I strive to become wise myself. Through inspiring others, I want to contribute to happier world. As my main goal in life is to help other people to lead a happy life, being regarded as an inspirational figure, would give me the opportunity to impact the lives of many people.

Maybe that is this thought is too audacious or even completely wrong. I mean, who am I to tell other people how to live their lives? But what I can say about myself is, that I do things from and with love. I want to understand others and in that way, help them to understand each other, too.

Another question I ask is, where does this wish to be famous originates from? Do I have it from society? Seeing all those successful people and reading about their stories; does this shape my ideas? Or is it a way of getting appreciation and love, because I cannot completely give it to myself? When I know what drives me, I am better able to steer my life into a direction I really want.

And yes, a different part of me doesn’t want to be famous. You lose the freedom of being anonymous. Expectations are lower and sometimes I say to myself, that I have everything I need. Moreover, there are other dreams I have and other things that are important to me. For example, to have a loving and happy marriage. To raise children and to be there for them. And sometimes, it is just enough, when I help a single person to become happier.

I think the goal is to find the golden middle. As with almost everything. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it is important to me to be a good human being. Then, it doesn’t really matter if I become famous or not.

Again, I am curious how you would answer this question. Let me know in the comment below or write me a mail. And, if you liked this entry, share it with your friends =)

Take care =)

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