Embracing the whole life

Life cannot be a happy journey all the time. We all experience good times and bad times. I also have to remind myself from time to time, to accept difficult phases and not resist them. This entry is about a message, I wrote two years ago and which I stumbled upon today.

Two years ago, I was heading a (self-)leadership conference and preparing the facilitator team for the upcoming task of guiding their delegates through the conference. As part of the preparation, I shared my views on how to approach the conference and one of the messages was about the whole life.

This is what I wrote:

It is normal that we all strive for a happy and beautiful life. Nowadays, we hear it almost everywhere: you can do this to be happy or you can buy that… Maybe we should pause for a moment and think about it, if our hunt for happiness is still a “healthy” one.

If we take a step back and think about the question: can our life be only filled with happiness and without any negative feelings? we might come to the conclusion, that this is not possible. And you know what? This is awesome!

There can be so much beauty in something negative and often it is our negative experiences, that help us grow. Ups and downs are, to the same extent, part of our lives, as our strengths and weaknesses. It is more about how we deal with these circumstances. And, in this realization lies a lot of positive energy, which each of us can harvest.

Back then, I wrote it from a position of strength. Now, it is interesting to read my own words, during a time, in which I try to get back my strength. I realize, that it very hard to accept the beauty of negative experiences, while processing it. But it is not impossible. Being reminded of it, gave me some relief. I know, that there will be the time, when I look back and say: I am so grateful for the experience and I don’t want to miss it.

I will keep reminding myself to embrace the whole life. Not only the beautiful aspects and experiences, but the negative ones, too. They help me to appreciate the positive things in my life and make me a humbler human being. And, although I say it with gritted teeth and a heavy heart, I still say it with conviction: I am thankful for this period!


Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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