Company culture and gamification – addition

Today, I spoke with two colleagues about yesterday’s entry about Company culture and gamification, and we spoke how to use the benefits of gamification even further, namely: Doing something for a good cause.

We spoke about what would motivate us most (intrinsically). The result was something that motivated us instantly: being able to give something for a good cause. Specifically, we were talking about being able to use your points to give it to a non-profit. For example, the reward system could be designed in a way for you to see how many trees you have planted or how many acres of rain forest you saved.

There are already success stories underlining the effect of such a reward system. When we donate blood, we can either get a certain amount of money, or we can donate it to a charity. Often, people choose to donate it to a charity. I mean the money, not the blood =) Other companies use gamification to reduce the amount of waste they produce or the energy consumption. In short, doing something for the greater good can be very motivating.

When you then combine this with the learning content, you can create a movement in which your employees are looking forward to doing those trainings. Imagine, you build your learning content around the topic of planting trees and at the end they get a badge (which is visible to others) of how many trees they planted by completing all required trainings.

And think about the marketing effect for the company: partnering up with an NGO or non-profit company can improve the image of the company and it becomes a signal for potential talents.

Let us harness the power of gamification and create something good =)


Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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