Reflection: one month of writing a blog

One month of writing a blog is over. 31 days, no actually 32 days of the initial planned 365 days of writing at least one entry per day have been a challenge in itself. Today, I want to write about my experience and challenges and how I see the future of this blog.

So far, it is a fantastic experience. It is very rewarding, when you get a like to some of your entries, especially, if you don’t know, if what you write makes sense to others, as well.

My biggest fear was that I will run out of topics very soon. I mean, I still have that thought from time to time, as 365 days are a lot of entries. However, what I find is, that life itself gives me the best stories. More than half of the entries came from experiences I had during that specific day or a day before. Now, I am already curious what other stories life will bring.

I can also say, that the blog reinvigorates me. Every day, I am looking forward to writing the entry, even if I don’t know what it will be about. It is a nice way to express my own thoughts and be creative. Furthermore, it helps me to process my thoughts and feelings. I think, even if nobody would read this blog, I still used it for writing down my thoughts. It is no wonder that journaling is suggested as one of the best ways to process emotions and get clarity.

On the other hand, I sometimes do feel the pressure of having to write something meaningful. I want to make those entries worthwhile. You had an infinite amount of options to spend those minutes, but you chose to spend it reading my thoughts, I want to make your experience as valuable as possible. The danger is to become unauthentic. Moreover, I don’t want to preach. What I want is to give you, dear reader, the opportunity to reflect and draw your own conclusions. Of course, I have my own opinions and I won’t be able to always stay completely “neutral”. That is why I want to suggest to not only read and digest my writings, but be critical.

What I definitely want to do more of are conducting interviews. I already have some people in mind, I want to interview. And, I hope I can include some more travel entries, because this was a lot of fun writing. Although, I planned this blog to be a one year project, I will probably continue with it. In which way and frequency, I don’t know yet. But is too much fun and gives me too much energy to stop writing it.

I want to close with asking for help and feedback. When you don’t like something, let me know. Also, when you do like something let me know, too. I am looking forward for more interesting stories and I am grateful that you took the time to read my blog.

Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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  1. I conducted an interview just recently about leadership and it was really inspiring for me because the conversation went on a much deeper level than the conversations I had with this person before. So I am really looking forward and I am curious whom you will interview… as well as the topics!

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    1. Hi Anna, can you share one detail that impressed you most?


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