Why having a hero matters

With all the hero movies in cinema, I think it makes sense to think about who our heroes are in our daily lives. Two years back, I wrote somehting about one of my heroes.

The following text was also part of the preparation for the (self-)leadership conference I wrote about in this entry.

Who we consider as our heroes, indicates who we want to be and who we partially already are. These people consciously or unconsciously shape ourselves. That is why I think it is great to know our heroes and why we see them as such and what this tells about ourselves.

For me, one of my professors is a hero. His name is Klaus W. Döring. He is this kind of person, I am striving for to be. And this is not about becoming someone else, but it is about following values that are important to me and seeing how they should be acted upon.

My first encounter with him is something that I will always remember. It was in one of his incredible seminars. At that time, he was already above 70 years old. However, after a few words of introduction, he climbed on top of a table and stood there screaming at us from above: “Is that leadership?”. Then, he climbed down, got on his knees and said: “No, this is leadership.” It is a beautiful illustration of how he sees leadership. As leaders, our main job is to serve our team that they can do the best job possible. It is not about telling them what to do in every single detail. His energy and his passion intrigued me at this time and it still does.

He is a man full of knowledge, having his own library, which we could use to prepare the seminars. He is a life-long learner and teacher. When he speaks about how to play tennis (because he still does) and how fascinating our universe is, you think to speak with a boy who is starting to discover the world. Oh, and he developed a system how to learn (tried it and it works very well =)).

He worked hard and did a lot during his professional life, and he is still active consulting companies. His energy, passion, agility, knowledge, and wisdom are only a few things that make him a hero for me.

However, these are not the main points. In addition to all that comes, that he is an incredible warm and friendly and honest human being. His humility and willingness to help other people leaves everyone in awe who meet him. He has an open ear for all his students and supports them in the best possible way. Furthermore, he grades people according their job done and not after the Gaussian distribution. After all our talks I felt better, more self-confident or relieved.

I am very grateful to have met him and yes, I already told him that =)


Who are your heroes? Did you tell them? And please feel free to share a story about one of them in the comments below. I think it is important to share stories of “regular” people and how their actions impacted us.

Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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