The importance of stories

Stories are a wonderful thing. They are a carrier of knowledge and help us learn, they can make us feel stronger, they can let us dream, and they can help us to get lost in something we like.

I am by no means an expert on storytelling. I just find that stories have so much potential to do good. I mean stories are as old as humans exist. Stories were a great way to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next, because they were easy to remember and people are interested in hearing stories. Nowadays, companies and individuals hire storytelling experts or participate in storytelling workshops. In a business context, it can be very useful. It cannot only be useful in gamification to teach employees new skills, but it can also be a clever method to get your messages across, which might have been neglected, overheard or unacknowledged.

Stories are so powerful, because they can capture our attention and engage us. Something, everyone is trying (especially in marketing). Moreover, stories are for people of every age group. They can help us to feel good and connect with others. When I am in Berlin and I find the time, I visit the Tajik Tearoom. Every Monday, they invite a storyteller, who is reading a story for all guests. And you have to book in advance, because it is very popular. There, old and young sit together drink a cup of tea and get themselves enchanted by listening to a fairy tale. It is such a lovely atmosphere and I feel connected to the others just by sharing this experience with them. I also read a few stories to my ex-girlfriend, as it was a nice way to end the day together, although we couldn’t be physically together. Those are memories I value a lot.

I also love to read a good fantasy book or watch a nice movie, just to get completely absorbed and lost (in a positive way).

Stories are a good way for teaching us about morality and values. I recently watched Bedtime Stories and Pan and I liked the creativity and the use of stories. I could also recommend many books but the one that stands out is Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. I will definitely write a review about this book, but I already want to share one thing I love about this book: the use of stories within a story.

And, last but not least, stories are a wonderful way to teach kids and adults about morality and values. I have a nice book which is called psychology at the movies, which analyzes movies and its characters on how they use certain values and strengths. It is a wonderful way to learn something about yourself and can be a good opportunity to watch your favorite movie again to look at it with different eyes.

Do you have other examples how stories can be used? And what is your favorite story or fairy tale? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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