A penguin moves on

Yesterday was the last day on the project in Bern, Switzerland. After nine months, it makes sense to sit down and reflect on the time and what I can take out of the experience.

But let us start with why I chose the title. Working for a consulting company means you often wear a suit. As our client doesn’t you can see who belongs to which group. As it was a rather big project, it was visible that a consulting company is there. That is why we go the nickname penguin. Some didn’t like it so much, but I find it rather cute. In addition, I think it is good to not take oneself too seriously and to be able to laugh about oneself. And come on, penguins are nothing but adorable =)

First of all, I am glad I could take on a team lead role. Those experiences help me to better understand myself in such a position and I can see if what I teach and what I do are congruent. Although our work was often repetitive and also quite mundane, it was good to see that our culture and mood within the team was great. Even during intense times and long days, we always had a lot of fun. Without them, it would have been way more difficult to endure those days and weeks. I am very grateful for them!

As they were also rather new to the company and also both rather young, it gave me the opportunity to coach them a bit, which I also enjoyed a lot. Sharing my knowledge and then see how they take it and use it is fascinating to see. My initial goal was that they will become less and less dependent on my input and or help. I would say that I achieved this goal.

It was also a very interesting project to observe our leadership on the project. There were several situations where I could observe how they were handling things. This gave me the opportunity to understand or to look for the strategy and motivation behind their actions. Moreover, it gave me the chance to ask myself how I would have behaved in this situation. As the people in our leadership were very diverse, there was a lot to learn from me.

As it was also a very intense time for me personally with what happened in my private life, I want to give another big thank you to all the people who supported me during those weeks. I had countless very good and very deep, and honest conversations. Not only about love and relationships, but also about life itself. What drives you? What are your skills and talents? Where do you come from and where are you heading? I had very interesting talks about crypto-currencies and business ideas as well as about music and shoes.

I want to say thank you especially to my colleagues from my own department, who took very good care of me and who always had an open ear for me. Even during evening, when I didn’t want to do anything or see anyone, I still felt that they care, and I am very grateful for that!

It was also an extreme pleasure to work with the client. Often you can feel a chasm between the client and the consulting employees. However, this time it was really like working in and as one team. In general, the whole atmosphere within the team was fantastic.

Those won’t be my last insights and take-aways from the project. For me a reflection process can sometimes take a while and I am aware that I can still learn more from my experience. But without a doubt, I already learned a lot from all of my colleagues.

That was the end for me in Switzerland. The journey of the penguin continues. I am already excited what will come next =)


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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