Story: Two twin brothers were walking through the forest…

I once applied for a conference and this was one of the tasks I had to do:

Please create maximum two paragraphs of the following story:

“Two twin brothers were walking through the forest, when they found an abandoned house. They stepped inside and saw a room filled with horse manure…”

This was my answer…

… uargh said Peter.. “Don’t touch it Archi” he told his brother who was just about to examine it more closely. Then he told his brother that manure is full of germs that can cause various diseases and can also lead to death. ‘We should leave this place as soon as possible. This is not why we came into the forest Archi. Let’s get some wood and hunt some deer to have a warm and comfortable room tonight and a full plate.” But Archi had another plan. “That’s what we do every day Pete. Manure is not only evil but it has good characteristics, too! We can use it to grow our own food being independent from finding deer or other animals. And it would help us to live healthier.” “But it is just manure” Peter insisted. “I am too afraid of getting sick. Why do you want to change something? We have such a good life. Come on Archi let’s go. It is already turning dark.” But Archi didn’t want to back down. He saw the potential and he proposed to his brother: “Ok Pete. What about that? I will stay here and try to plant vegetables and fruits and you can continue with your life as normal and in one year we will meet each other again to see how things worked out.” Pete, who did not want to leave his brother behind started to insist again but stopped because he said to himself: “I will show him! In one year he will come back almost starving. Oh poor brother, which way are you going to pursue?”. “Ok. In one year we see each other at this place again” he told his brother and left the not any longer abandoned house.

As the time went by and the year is came to an end Peter started wondering how his brother might have dealt with that situation. Over the last months there were less animals to hunt leaving him hungry one or the other night. It became so bad that he had to sell some of his furniture to have something to eat. On the date of reunion he arrived at his brothers’ house. It looked different than he had in mind. Way bigger and he also had to fight his way through all the plantations. He saw vegetables and fruits all over the place. When he arrived at the door of the house he knocked at the door but nobody seemed to be there. Checking whether the door was open he pushed against the door and surprisingly it was open. Peter was impressed by all the nice furniture and wealth his brother has accumulated over the last year but there was no hint of him being there. When he approached the large wooden table he saw a letter on it having his name written on it. Slowly he unfolded the letter and started to read.

“Dear Peter,

I know that today is our reunion and I am still looking forward to that day we meet again. But why am I not here you might ask? I will tell you how the last year have been. The first days and weeks were very difficult and I almost returned to our house because I was lonely and almost starving. But then I saw the first plants growing out of the soil and I got new motivation to make it on my own. Believe me it was very hard and I cried a lot working all night in order to achieve something. But when I was able to harvest the first vegetables and fruits things started to get better. Since then, I never had an empty plate and in addition I feel more connected to nature again. The soil was so good that I had so many vegetables and fruits that I didn’t know what to do with it. So I started to go to the market and sell them there. I made a small fortune with that having enough money to buy the furniture you sold on the market. I don’t know the reason why you sold them but I hope everything is fine with you?! But still I haven’t answered your question where I am. Because of the money I accumulated I was able to travel the world. I don’t know where I am the moment you will read this letter. However, you can be sure that I try to look for another adventure as this one brought me so much. You can stay as long as you wish and I hope to see you soon.

I miss you, Archi”

Peter put down the letter, a tear run over his cheek. “What if….” He told to himself.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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