Sometimes a YES can be what you need

Most change can only happen, if you say yes to something. A “yes” is a commitment and we don’t like commitments. A “yes” is often a commitment to something unknown. Are we ready for it? Good enough for it? And do we really want it? Saying no is so much easier. But we should remember the times a yes changed things for the better.

In the entry from two days ago, I mentioned that I was traveling the last weekend to work. It was not part of my regular job, but a job for an organisation that provided me with a lot of opportunities. Although I spend most of my weekends relaxing and recovering from a busy week, and although I already travel a lot, I said yes to facilitate a weekend for the new board of AIESEC Alumni Germany. It was on short notice and I must admit that I didn’t say yes directly. This reminds me on the hero journey. Sometimes, the hero refuses the first call to action and needs to be motivated again. The same with me. After I talked to another one from the board, I decided to say yes. Despite the fact that I feel the need for more sleep.

However, after I made a plan for this year to change things, this planning weekend provided me with the perfect opportunity to do something that gives me meaning and where I can use my talents. I guided, facilitated, and nudged them to create a great vision for their term and what can be viable first steps. I am also very grateful for them, as they made it very easy. Although it was not a relaxing weekend for me and I needed to stay attentive most of the time, I still got a boost of energy from these days. It reminded me how much I like to work with teams and facilitate processes.

I am glad and proud I said yes to it. I was hesitant and I also thought about saying no. When I feel that I also need to recover, I often go into “hiding”. This means I rather be at home and read a book than going somewhere. Especially somewhere where I need to put a lot of energy into. But, if I don’t change things, my life cannot change. I want to say yes more often. Even if the outcome is not as nice as it has been with this weekend, I still can be proud of myself as I take steps into the right direction.

When was the last time you said yes to something you weren’t sure if you should or not? Let me know in the comments below.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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