Give praise to creators

Creating something where there hasn’t been something before is always difficult. This is true for big things such as founding a company, but also small things like coming up with a first concept at work. It is also much easier to build on top of this work, give feedback for adjustments, or criticize. Good leaders should be aware of that, especially when assessing work and giving praise.

People are normally praised for a job or task that is finished. How it came into being or who was involved along the way often doesn’t really matter in the end. Though it should be. Creativity and conceptual strengths are seen as key skills of the workforce of the future. However, often the people drafting the first idea/concept are not the one who will present the result(s) in the end. Those people need to be put into the spotlight. They should get their fair share of praise. And it doesn’t matter how big their contribution has been. They created something out of nothing. They gave a first direction, something another person could work with, connect own experiences, and then mold it into something better or more refined.

As a leader, you should be aware of who was involved in the process, especially during the early stages. That’s where you can find creative talent. And I don’t say that those who build on top of the initial idea are not creative. I just say that those people are often overlooked. I think you know the statement: “Come to me/ show me a first draft and then we can talk”. That’s what managers or team leads tell team member. Unfortunately, often they are very good in criticizing the first draft. I mean it is often normal that the first idea is not as refined as the final result will be. But that is normal. And even if it deviates from what you wanted to get/see, please keep in mind that this task is not easy. You often have to guess what the manager/ team lead wanted, you need to get a good understanding, often having little time and incomplete information, and then mix everything together to create something new that someone else will like and work with. That’s difficult.

So please, give more praise to creators. Even, if they have to start with a new draft/concept or you dislike their work. If you want more ideas and a motivated employee, give them the praise they deserve.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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