A colorful tale – I

Grandfather sat in his rocking chair by the fireplace. He seemed absentminded. More absentminded than usual, if that is even possible. Since I can remember, he lives a withdrawn life. Growing up without a father or a mother, living and being raised by my grandparents was already difficult for me. It was even more difficult feeling a disconnect between my grandfather and myself. When I tried to ask my grandma, if I did something wrong she just shook her head, embraced me and said, “give him time”. But she also didn’t want to explain what it was about.

But I don’t want to complain. My childhood was nice. I grew up in my grandparents ‘house. It was a secluded place a bit outside of Trossen. Trossen is a small town in the east of Elorian. My grandfather and my grandma were also my teacher. They went with me into the woods to show me which herbs and roots are good for which purpose, I learned about how to care for a horse and ride it, I learned how to play the violin, and they also showed me how to dance and behave with the nobility. They taught me much more, but the most I liked those little quizzes they had in store for me.

Once, I had to find out the origin of the name of stone and its meaning. Another time, I was asked to focus on the movements of a fish in a well for four hours. And another time, I had to communicate only with my body without being able to say something for a whole month. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes, I did not understand the reason, but it was always fun.

My grandma is the opposite of my grandfather and we invented little games and laughed and sang a lot. Only when it came to my parents she hesitant and evasive. At the moment, she was standing in the kitchen preparing the meal for dinner. It was already dark outside and winter was only a few weeks away. The fireplace painted the whole room in a gold and orange. Except two chairs in front of the fireplace and the large table in the middle of the room, there was not much, but only if you don’t count all the shelves full of books. Every wall was filled with them. I don’t know why, but only when I am surrounded by books, I feel at peace and comfortable.

Grandma called from the kitchen that I should get grandfather, because dinner was almost ready. I went to the fireplace where he was sitting and I saw that he had a letter in his lap and he was staring into the fire. I had to say his name thrice until he started to notice me, as if he had to forcefully come back from another world. I looked more closely and I saw that he had tears in his eyes. “Is everything okay? I asked almost shocked as I had never seen my grandfather cry before. He wiped away his tears and stared at me with hard, but loving eyes. “Let me tell you a story…”.

Part 2

Have a wonderful day and take care!


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