22 things happy people do – part 3

As you might know, positive psychology is one of my interests. A while ago, I made myself a list of 22 things happy people do. I want to share this list with you =)

This will be the third part of the list. You can find the second part here.

Before I start, I want to say that this list is neither complete, nor will all of the items make you necessarily happier. However, I think that the living by all or some of those points, increases the likelihood of achieving sustainable happiness.


  • Never make excuses

If you want something or you don’t want something say it. Don’t make an excuse. Also, don’t hide your mistakes, but own them. In the long run, you will feel worse, if you blame others for your mistakes. Owning your mistakes is a sign of strength and will make you more relatable, too.


  • Never seek approval from others

If you constantly seek approval from others, you might work on loving yourself a bit more. You can find some ways how to do it in this article.  If you are happy with yourself and content with what you are doing, you will find it less and less important what others might think about you and your work. Also, they are not living your life. Therefore, it is not really possible to judge you.


  • Take the time to listen

I already wrote about the importance of listening to understand. If you really take your time to listen to someone else, you will not only discover more nuanced information, conveyed by his or her body language and tone, but it will also improve the relationship with that person. People feel, when you give them your full attention.


  • Nurture social relationships

Our social relationships are our safety net in case we have a setback or we don’t feel particularly well. We can spend wonderful hours with them, helping us to relax and to generate new ideas. They are also the ones, who might give you a different perspective on yourself or ideas of yours. Think about who of your friends you might want to give a call to reconnect.


  • Meditate

You might now, that I am a big supporter of mindfulness and meditation. For me, it is the single best method to achieve balance and calm my thoughts and emotions. Just 5 minutes each day will improve matters, if you do it daily for a month. If the chaos of life is too much to handle for you at times, then think about making mindfulness and meditation a part of your life. I can say that a balanced mind is a happy mind =). If you are new to the matter, have a look at this entry.


You will find the fourth part here.

Have a wonderful day and take care!


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