Classical music and dancing: pure energy

I think all humans have a special relationship with music. I am no different. Without music something would be missing. The same is true for moving our bodies, especially via dancing. Our bodies can often express our feelings better than any words could do. When music and dance come together, magical things can happen.

From an earlier entry, you know that I like classical music. What you might not know is that I love the whole hip hop culture. When I was young, I even dressed myself like a hip hopper and also wrote own texts. The love for writing texts was transformed into creating poems from time to time, but the general love for hip hop stayed with me. Then, it is no wonder that I am a fan of break dance, krumping and so on. One of my dreams is to see the Jabbawockeez life.

There are some cases when my love for classical music, hip hop and dancing come together. One such a moment was at a performance from Lil C at TED LXD (I will post the part down below). When the music played, and he started dancing, it was as if I can almost grasp the energy with my own hands. It always gives me a boost of energy and it can motivate me. I think I should start a list of little things that have these effects on me, as they can be helpful when we need it.

Enjoy this peace of magic:


Have a wonerful day and take care!


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