My view on the role of a leader – II

Yesterday, I started to write about my view on what role a leader should take. This is the continuation from yesterday.

Let me continue with what I was writing about yesterday.

I still want to tell how I could picture a different society, with a different leadership. As mentioned before, I imagine how things would be, if we have more time and less pressure we “have” to put on people. As leaders, we could be more concerned with helping the to find meaning in what they are doing or somewhere else. This, of course, would require a different kind of business. Yes, it would also need a change in how we deal with money, but I probably write about this in another entry. For now, let’s assume, that we, as leaders, have some leeway in how to deal with our team member.

Oh, and one interlude. I think it also requires a massive change in our educational system. Yes, no grades and a curriculum that is aimed at finding purpose and encourage creativity. Many of the problems stated above are not exclusive to companies. I had my fair share of problems at school and university, too. And I saw a lot of people who are not really happy in this system.

I think as a leader, the role is not to tell others what to do and how to do it. It needs to be a dialog about what they want to achieve and how you can help them with that. Even if it means that means that you will help them in finding something else. And I just sat for a moment to reflect about how big this topic is and how interconnected everything is. It involves societal contracts, self-development, education, and economy each with a long list of sub-topics. I think it touches upon a topic many men and women thought about who were much smarter and wiser than I am, and I can be right now.

In general, I think that our current system is not designed to achieve happiness and meaning. Not for the majority of people at least.

I cannot really put all of my thoughts in this one entry, so I will stop here for today. Let me just say that I wish that leadership would be more about helping others to find meaning and happiness in life. I also think that many current leaders would like to do exactly that, but they are bound to a specific system and need to abide in order to survive.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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