Why a hero? – moms

I think that having real-life heroes and heroines is a good thing. They can inspire us, can make us feel gratitude, and help us see that we don’t need to fly or wear a fancy costume to be a factor for good in this world. One of those heroes are mothers.

This is the second installment of the hero series. You can read the first entry here.

The last couple of days, I spend at my parents place in Berlin, because tonight, I will fly to Paris and then to Chile. By chance, I was awake when the alarm of my mother went on. It was 4:30 am in the morning. Already half an hour later, the door closed, and she headed to work. I started thinking about how early this is and that she does it every day. Moreover, she often comes home only around 5 pm.

Looking back, I realize the massive amount of energy she must have possess. She came home from a long day of work and then also found the time to make dinner for the rest of the family or helped here and there. It is humbling to reflect back and see how “normal” it was to me and that I expected her to do this.

And again, it is already a lot of effort when you do it for a week or a month. But mothers tend to do it their whole lives. They have to take on so many roles and have to endure so many other things while trying to meet so many different needs and expectations.

I am very grateful for my mom and I will continue to be a better son and also a good husband in the future, helping their burdens to bear.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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