Reflection: 6 months of writing a daily blog

Half time. 183 days. 6 months of ups and downs. 4392 hours have been passed, since I started writing this blog. So much time and yet so little time, as well. It is a good time to look back.

So many things happened during those last six months. When I started this blog, I was not in a good state of mind. Actually, very far from it. The blog was something to give me a platform to process my thoughts, to keep me busy, to face a challenge, and to overcome the void my ex-girlfriend left within me.

It took me almost three months until I got on track to become the real me again. A path I am still on today. During this time, I cried a lot and there were so many questions I had no answers to. It felt like I was being crushed under this weight. A weight I put myself under. Even now, I sometimes feel those ripple effects from this rather painful time last year.

But when I look back, there is also so much beauty. First and foremost, my sister’s wedding. Seeing her so happy with her family and meeting our other family members was a beacon of light in a dark storm. Then, all the interviews, though not many, provided me with a different view and I am grateful for the time they gave to let me interview them.

Even the short time when it looked as if we can get back together was great. It was in the beginning of the year and it was interesting to see how I changed. Even though it did not work out, I am thankful for her.

Although the blog does not have so many readers, I am grateful that some seem to relate what I write about. Of course, it is not my main purpose, but if really nobody would read it and I would get no positive feedback at all, I’d likely have to ask myself a few difficult questions =). It somehow helps me to stay motivated, knowing that others spend some minutes of their days reading what I write here. Thank you! You reading my blog makes me smile. So, while simply reading this, you did something good =).

And some things already changed. I am in the process of reducing my hours per week at work. I already gave three workshops which are not really related to my work but were meaningful to me. I went to Chile, facing my fear of flying with a 14-hours flight. At least it feels as if I am headed in the right direction. Hopefully, the upcoming weeks and months will bring more change. The blog definitely helps with that.

Let us see what the next half has to offer =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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  1. I’m happy to know that blogging has been helpful to you! Keep going and spreading positive messages! 🙂


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