Travel to Chile – X

This is the tenth part of my travel blog about Chile. If you want to start with the first entry, you can click here. If you are interested in the last entry, you will find it here.

On Sunday, I wanted to check out the park and the fortress I saw on Saturday. After a long and well-deserved sleep, I was heading to the supermarket to get some water (in Santiago it is not recommended to drink tab water). I can only say that this place is already my favorite spot in Santiago. Sure, I didn’t see much yet, but this place has everything for me to calm down and relax.

When I started going through the park, I saw an eagle on one of the statues. I highlighted it because he blends in very well to the background.

Santiago - Park I.png.jpg.png

For the rest of the blog I want to let the pictures speak for themselves. I took my time to take everything in. Close to the top, there is a lovely area where you can sit. There are trees which makes it nice to sit even when it is rather hot. I think I spend about 3-4 hours discovering the whole area. At least 2-3 hours, I spend sitting and reading and thinking. But now, just enjoy the images =)

Santiago - Park II.png

Those fountains were on the first level of the gardens/fortress. The next set of pictures I took on the second level.

Santiago - Park III.png

The following pictures I took on my way to the next level.

Santiago - Park IV.png

Those pictures I took on the next platform.

Santiago - Park V.png

Santiago - Park VI.png

This is the place I was talking about earlier. This is the perfect place. Calm, green, peaceful, and it feels just good to be there.

Santiago - Park VII.png

Oh, and yes, that is me =)

Santiago - Park VIII.png

When I went back, I managed to shoot a short video about one of the traffic lights.

I will definitely stop by at this place once again. That is the second happy place after the lake in Ireland.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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