200 days and counting

Oh boy…

It’s been 200 days since I started with this challenge for myself.

The goal of writing one article every single day for a year is getting closer. I am actually a bit proud of myself. My goal is to write about meaningful things each day. Of course, it is my subjective view and I also know that some days it doesn’t work out so well, but still =). During dark days, my blog is a beacon of light. It provided me with a daily ritual and with a responsibility. Of course, it is an artificial one, but it helped a lot.

In total, I put more than 200 hours of work into the blog, which equals one hour per day. It is always easiest, when I write from my heart. Then, the words just flow out of me. But there are also difficult times. But hey, otherwise it would not be a challenge =). Sometimes, I wake up and I have no idea what to write about and then life gives me the best examples.

I know that today’s blog might not be so interesting, however I want to use it to celebrate myself. I don’t do it nearly as often as I should. And what about you? Do you celebrate your successes? No matter if big or small? We are so good at spotting and complaining about our own mistakes. I think it is only fair, if we start to celebrate our victories as well. How do you celebrate your victories?

And, as there is quite a bit left, I’d like to ask you what topics I should explore? If you have an idea or wish, write me or write it in the comments below.


Thank you for sharing this achievement with me =)

With much love, Stephan

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