Reflection: 7 months of writing a blog

7 months over and only 5 more to go. Each month, I take some time to reflect about the experience of writing a daily blog.

The last month was interesting. I came back from Chile, I started working part-time, and I am about to start a project with a dear friend. It has also been a month of looking into my feelings. It is somewhat strange that you can miss a person very much, but still feeling better every day. Maybe that is the way it should happen, but the second half of 2017 was rather different. Now, I still feel the pain and I miss talking to her, but when I listen into my body, I feel strong. If that makes any sense.

Blog-wise, I was happy to be able to write about my trip to Chile. I actually could imagine traveling more and writing more about my experiences. I’d also thought about shooting videos, about those trips, as well. I also realized, that is has been a while since my last interview. I have one name in mind, I’d like to interview next. Let’s see if I find the time to do it and she finds time to do the interview. It is a wonderful experience to just sit and ask questions and let the other person talk. But, it is also a lot of effort.

In the last week, I started to record guided mindfulness practices and also poems. So, expect more to read and hear from me in this regard. I also think about creating a video that shows me, but I didn’t find the right setting yet.

I can only recommend to start writing a blog, or if you don’t want to share your thoughts with the world, a diary. Sometimes, writing helps me a lot to process my feelings. This was especially obvious when I wrote my thoughts about Avicii. I was literally crying while writing the blog, but it helped me to get out emotions that were suppressed.

Thank you for sticking with me and let’s see what the next month has to offer =).


Hugs and love, Stephan


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