Tea of the month: May 2018

This is probably how everything started. This tea was the beginning of my addiction to all kinds of tea.

The tea I am writing about is called Früchtekorb (Fruit Basket). I can still remember that my aunt brought us a huge bag full of this tea. This was probably 15+ years ago. And till this day, I can drink it almost every time. Be it hot, cold, pure or sweet.

When you smell the tea, it actually doesn’t smell very intense and also not extraordinary. It smells good though, but there are other teas which when you smell for the first time, you know you need to try them. But when it comes to taste, there are few fruit teas that have the same quality. In its pure form the brewed tea tastes fruity. I like the mild or intense sourness, depending on how much tea you will use for a cup of tea.

This makes it one of my go-to teas during summer. An ice-cold glass of this fruit tea is bested by few other things. But it is also one of my favourites during winter. Especially when my throat hurts and I add a spoon of honey. Try it and enjoy!

How do I prepare the tea?

For one liter of tea, I take about 4-6 teaspoons of loose tea. Then, I pour boiling (100°C) water over it and let it steep for 7-10 minutes. Afterwards, you can add honey to your liking.

If you want to prepare it as an ice tea, then you can either let it cool down and put it in the fridge, or you can fill a bucket of water with ice-cold water and ice cubes and place the pot in it. You can also put a tablespoon in the tea to cool it down even faster.

Enjoy this delicious tea!


Love and hugs, Stephan


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  1. It looks very delicious!! To do iced tea, I’ve heard it’s better to cold-brew it! 😮 So basically just put the tea in room-temperature/cold water for a longer time 🙂 (like overnight)

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    1. I heard the same for green tea but I will also give it a try with this one. Thanks for the tip =)

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