Relaxation Techique: The Pond

Several years ago, I attended a project management workshop. The workshop was very good, but there is only one thing I can still remember. At the very beginning, the facilitator used a method to help us relax and focus. I think those methods are a wonderful way to kick-start a meeting, or to reinvigorate a team after or during an intense day of work. A few years later, I browsed through the personal library of my professor and found a book which had a number of similar methods in it. One of my favorites is: The Pond.

What is the goal of this method? With words, you can create a relaxing picture. With the help of this method you can help a team to relax and to refocus their attention. In the following, I will write it as a guided practice. Feel free to use it or adjust it and try it out yourself =). And it should take about 3-5 minutes to read it. So, take your time.

Sit down and close your eyes.

Exhale deeply three times.

Imagine that you are standing next to a peaceful and clear pond. In your hand you hold a heavy rock, which you slowly lift over your head.

Observe how you let the rock drop into the water.

Imagine you see, in slow motion, how the water splashes and how the stone slowly sinks through the water to the bottom of the pond.

Imagine, how the water closes over the rock again and how little waves emerge from the center and which spread to all sides of the pond.

Observe how those waves become smaller and smaller until they disappear completely, and the water is as still as a mirror in which you can see the wide sky and maybe even a few fluffy clouds which roam the sky.

Exhale deeply three times again.

Slowly open your eyes.

Love and hugs, Stephan

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