An Idea to Meet the Changing Corporate Training Demands

Corporate training is changing. Sure, there is still a need for system trainings and simulations to convey necessary skills to operate a new system for example. However, more and more employees are used to and ask for self-paced learning nuggets to educate themselves in their own time. An idea to is to use social learning, in particular YouTube.

If I don’t know how to do something, I go to YouTube and try to find an instruction. It has several advantages, I can access it either via my laptop or my phone, the videos are often short enough to keep me focused, and I can pause the content whenever I want. The number of views and likes are also indicators how likely it is that this video is really teaching what was promised. This reputation filter makes sure that, in the long run, only high-quality videos will stay at the top.

Using YouTube for corporate trainings has additional benefits. Besides the advantages mentioned above, the platform can also serve as a community builder. You can not only like a video but also comment on it. Educate a community manager and you might set your company up for a thriving community that exchanges ideas and experiences via YouTube.

Now, you can decide if your YouTube channel is closed or open. Maybe you have two channels. One that is only available for employees and another one which can serve as a marketing and recruiting channel. We are already knee-deep in the shared economy. Presenting your company as open and transparent can have great signaling effects.

In addition, you could also generate some moderate income once your channel attracts enough followers and views. This might help to pay for the equipment necessary to produce high-class educational tutorials and videos. And yes, the costs to produce those videos are high. At least in the beginning. But, there are also positive effects as scaling is way easier.

Sure, privacy settings might be an issue and should be assessed carefully. Furthermore, this can by no means be a substitution of the whole training area. We still need means to practice and to try out. Watching a video without practice will only lead to understanding, but not to internalization.

If you don’t want to or you cannot set up your own social learning platform, think about utilizing YouTube.


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