36 Questions to fall in love – XXVII

I think it is only fair that you get to know me a little bit better to understand how I think and how my brain works in order to put my writings into perspective and to draw your own conclusions. This is why I, once about every ten days, answer one of the questions from the New York Times question series: 36 Questions – How to fall in love.

If you want to start at the very beginning, you can find question 1 here.

And if you just missed the last answer to question 26, you can find it here.

Question #27 reads as follows:

If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please share what would be important for him or her to know.

Where to start…? =)

I think it would be good for her to know that there are times when I need to be alone. The reason is that with regards to recharge my batteries I am an introvert and I can do this best by being alone. However, there are also times when I just need to be hugged. I guess everyone has those times. It is just that I sometimes cannot fully explain why I need to be alone or why I need a hug right now. I realize this can be frustrating for a partner who just tries to support and give love.  But, she must know that if I need time, it is not because I don’t love her anymore.

Moreover, sometimes I am too quick to give advice when it would be better to just listen. Then I am fully okay when she says that I should stop talking and just listen and be there for her. It is rather difficult to upset me so much that I withdraw and sulk, I am quite good at handling my own ego.

It might be good to know for her that I have a lot of ideas but that I still struggle with implementing those. To give me a little nudge now and then would be very much appreciated =).

What I would also tell my partner is that I am at risk to give up myself to do everything for her. It sounds romantic but it is rather dangerous and scary and I am at risk to fall into a huge void again and I don’t want this. I am working to prevent this from happening again, but I think that my girlfriend could help me with that, too.

What are things your partner should know about you? Did you ever tell him or her? Why not? And why not doing it today?



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