Reflection: 9 Months of Writing a Daily Blog

It is time again. Another months of writing a daily blog is over, making it 9 months or 75% or 273 days. Time to reflect about the last months and my experience in general.

Having written 273 consecutive articles is already quite an achievement. Something I can honestly say to feel proud of. The last months has been a real rollercoaster. I had a lot of ups and downs. I was close to stop writing and I am glad I found the energy to continue. What was interesting is that the differences got bigger. Really deep days were followed by higher days. I see this as a positive tendency. If I feel that the jumps between days are getting better, I know that there is also more positive in my life. Otherwise I wouldn’t perceive this difference as so big.

What you probably noticed is that I write more about mindfulness again. This has two reasons. First, I practice it more again to achieve balance and on the other hand I currently am the trainer of two mindful performance programs at work. Something I enjoy a lot. I am so convinced of its benefits and that is why I want to share more with you.

What also helped to spice things up in my life was to travel a bit more. Not only for work but also for other things, such as the Design Thinking Academy, or going to my parents to do a week of home office and spending time with my nephew or visiting a friend in the Netherlands. Although those are tiny steps, they help me to get going and they bring some needed change.

It is still not everything back to normal and sometimes I really struggle to write something for this blog. I mean 273 articles is a lot and it is difficult to come up with a unique and insightful article every single day. If I repeat myself I want to say sorry. Although, it also means that this is something important for me. Maybe it sheds a different light, from another angle on the topic. Maybe it helps me to remember and remind myself of important insights I already had. Repetition helps with that. It will also mean that I cannot rule out that future articles will repeat messages from earlier articles. Just see it as something I find important enough to repeat again =).

I know it is been a while since my last interview. I actually have still some notes from another interview which I need to give structure and write. I hope I can do another one next months. I met quite a few people which I’d like to interview because the way they approach life intrigues me.

I also would like to continue writing my fantasy story. It is just that it takes a lot of time to develop this world. Maybe this will be something I pursue after the year is over and when I won’t write every single day.

Thanks again for all the comments and likes and for staying with me =).

I’d also like to try to reach a bigger audience with this blog and for that I want to ask you for help. If you like what I write, please share it with your friends or colleagues. But really only if you like it or it make sense for you. Only things that you deem share-worthy should be shared. I still want you to be critical about what I write =).



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