Some changes regarding the blog =)

There are some changes I made with regards to the blog =).

As you can see, I changed the design of the blog. I saw it on a different blog and just liked the way it is structured. I hope you also like it =). This also went hand in hand with an update on WordPress. But no, I won’t show advertising. I really don’t like to see it on a website and I want you dear reader to focus on the text.

Besides the changes in design, I added another page called offering. I think that some of my talents and passions lay untapped for too long. That is why I sat down and thought about what I am truly passionate about and what can I do really well. The outcome can be seen there =).

Maybe you know someone who might be interested in what I have to offer and although I am not really good at asking for help (something I still need to work on), I’d like you to have a look. If you have questions, you can always write me a mail. This is one part of creating the life I would like to live, and you could help me getting there.

Other than that, I hope you still enjoy the articles and I hope to see you around =).


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  1. Nice changes! Good luck for everything ! 😊

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      1. Hahaha de rien 😁


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