300 days

I reached another milestone. This article will mean that I have written at least one article for 300 consecutive days. I feel quite proud today. From time to time I like to calculate for how long I could have written this blog, if I had only posted one, two, or three articles a week. I mean even two or three articles a week is still a good number. If I had written two articles a week I had have material for almost three years.

And so much happened during this time. There were a lot of downs, but now I can see more and more ups. I can only recommend to sit down and write ab bit. It doesn’t matter about what. I often have just an idea but sitting down to write the article forces me to put my thoughts in order. Sometimes during the process, I realize a fault in thinking or I adjust my opinion, or I even learn something new altogether. It definitely helps to give more structure to how I think and feel about those topics.

65 articles to go. I am already glad it isn’t a leap year =). It will be interesting and challenging 65 days. Thank you very much for supporting me by reading my articles and your nice words.


Take care, Stephan

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sina M says:

    yeeeass 300 – go you! 🙂 so gut! und: respekt



  2. Congratulations ! 😄🎉


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