Reflection: 10 months of writing a daily blog

Today is day number 305 which equals exactly 10 months of writing a daily blog. Once a month, I sit down to simply reflect about the blog. What happened and where I want to go.

Looking back at all the articles I wrote, I realized that writing one article a day might be too much to build a following. I think it is better to have maybe two articles a week, just to give people enough time to stumble upon it and simultaneously have enough new materials for reader who are a long-term follower of the blog.

I think that some of my earlier articles have potential and could add value to others. I thought about rewriting them or adding extra insights or reflections so that new readers as well the ones who already read it before are presented with something new. I also thought about combining articles (e.g. some of the series) into one big article. However, maybe this would be too long to read. I know for myself that I am deterred by too much text.

If you have a recommendation let me know =).

As I read so much fantasy at the moment, I also wanted to get back to continue with “A colorful tale“. During the weekend, I managed to sit down for some time and to write the second part of it. I really enjoyed writing it, and I even consider to write a whole book. However, I also know how much effort this is. I even watched some videos on the most common mistakes new writers make. I’ll probably still do enough, but I think the second part is already a bit better. It is also interesting to build the world as you go, and I have no idea where this will lead to.

Thank you very much for spending some of your valuable time on reading this. It means a lot to me =).


Take care, Stephan

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