How to become a good leader? – III

Part 2

This is my very subjective series on how to become a good leader. Everything I write serves as a reminder for myself and to give you an opportunity to reflect about your own leadership. It is probably good to start with the first part where I speak about the importance of crafting your leadership vision.

In this installment, I will write about something all good leaders have, a solid understanding of themselves.

I am convinced in the statement that you should know how to lead yourself first before you can lead others. Only when I know what drives me, what my strengths and weaknesses are, what my values are, and why I behave the way I do, can I control and adjust my behavior and become a good leader.

This is a long road though. And this article won’t be the last about this specific topic. Today, I want to start with the very basics. What are my values?

When I constantly violate against my own values, consciously or unconsciously, I will feel bad and I will make bad decisions. That is why it is good to know your own values. You can read about my process of discovering my values by clicking on the link. What you can do is to print out a list of values (there are plenty on the internet) and then determine your top 5-7 values. Be honest with yourself. It is not about right or wrong but about getting to know yourself. Ask yourself where you get those values from and why you have them.

In a second step, write down a definition of this value. What does this value mean to you? It is a highly subjective process and how you define something may differ to what another person thinks about it. Then, write down behaviors. How can you show or demonstrate this value through actions? This will help you to become more authentic and to feel better when facing a decision. You will still face difficult situations and decisions. The advantage of knowing your values will help you to factor in your values and to take a good decision which will help your team.

What do you think?


Part IV

Take care, Stephan

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