On discovering my values: Creativity

A while back, I took the time to figure out what my values are and where I got them from. I tried to discern what those values consist of and how they are connected. I also tried to define them and how I can show them in through my behavior. One of those values is Creativity.

How do I define creativity for myself?

Being creative means to me that I develop new ideas or, in general, to create something. May it be a physical product or a piece of art. Moreover, it means to use humor to bring fun and joy in my life and the lives of others. It also means that I use my imagination and to be open for wonders.

That is what I wrote almost three years ago. It is still one of my top values, but I want to add something.

Creativity means to me to work together with others to create something together. It also means that I want to use my conceptual talents and to play around with ideas and thoughts. I want to use my creativity always for the good.

There are some connected values that play into the broader term of creativity and how I define it. It includes joy, fun, humor, and also fantasy. I also drew a reinforcing connection to my values wisdom and purpose. It means that through wisdom and knowledge, I am able to come up with creative ideas and I also know to differentiate between a good and a bad idea. At least how I define good and bad. Creativity can then lead to finding and fulfilling my purpose.

How can I show this value in my behavior?

I wrote down the following actions so other people can tell that this is a value of mine:

  • I will use my humor to bring joy in peoples’ lives
  • I will use my creativity to develop or help to develop new and humane ideas and concepts
  • I will use my conceptual skills to design methods to facilitate learning for myself and others

I know that I could use my talents more often to demonstrate this value. Sometimes, it is just not possible for me to do so. However, I already looked for a new task where I can be creative, and I feel how much energy it gives me and how time can pass by without me knowing it. That is probably what Sir Ken Robinson is talking about when he speaks about being in one’s element. For me it is the intersection of a value, a strength, a passion, and a purpose.


Take care, Stephan


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