Strategies when needing a break: Going for a walk

Today was a very intense day. The thing was that I couldn’t plan for it the way it played out. If you know that an intense day will come, you can take precautions to stay balanced and energized and you can come up with a plan how to structure this day. For me, it was not foreseeable. And I can feel that I need a break.

Today, I started with having to juggle one ball. Then, out of nowhere, a second ball was thrown at me. Then, another ball came, which was expected, and last but not least a fourth ball came into play which was kind of expected but not 100% certain if I will need to do this. I ended up having four different balls (projects) to handle. If you are like me your brain will jump from one to the next but making sure that everything is present all the time, so I don’t forget anything.

And, although I am feeling good from an energy perspective, I feel that I do need to take a break to get some distance, some calm, and some structure. Sometimes, I just sit down and meditate. However, when there is a lot on my mind to think about simultaneously, I like to walk. That is why I will, after finishing this article, go outside and have a stroll along the river. The movement, the sounds of birds and the water is really pleasant, and those sounds help me to calm down more quickly. And as our body and minds cannot be separated, walking helps all aspects of me to process everything that happened and how I want to continue the different tasks.


Take care, Stephan

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  1. I know a lot of people do that but I never actually tried going on a walk myself whenever I feel stressed out…! I’ll try to remember it next time 😊
    And have a nice walk then 😉

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    1. Thank you it was really good although my mind took some time to calm down. How are things in Montreal?

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      1. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk! 😄 And things in Montreal are going very nicely so far, thank you! 😊

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