Fighting against the comfort zone

Many of us feel the need for safety. That is why a comfort zone is so alluring. We settle down in our little nest and we build a fortress around us. We have our routines, we know where to do grocery shopping, we know where to eat, what to do, and especially what to expect.

I don’t say that those things are bad but breaking out of them is difficult as our brains throws thoughts at us and overcoming those thoughts can be hard.

I think you also dream about a change in your life from time to time. I think this is normal and shows us what we are missing. That doesn’t need to be a radical change but listening to our dreams can be telling. And those thoughts are nice as long as they are covered in layers of passivity. Our brains let us dream all we want as long as we stay inactive. However, when we take action our brains ring the alarm.

And the more likely a change appears or if you already started the change, the more we need to “fight” our brains to leave the comfort zone and be okay with it. Our brains will tell us that you don’t really want this, or you are not going to make it, or they will distract you in any way possible that will lead you to remaining passive.

I think it is good to know what to expect. This makes it a little easier to move forward. Despite the doubts your brain wants to “sell” you. If we look deeper, we see that we are just a bit afraid. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If you are on the quest of getting to know yourself in all kinds of ways, you know that those doubts are actually signs of a growth opportunity.

The good thing is that we can and will adjust to everything, okay most of the things, that are thrown at us. Often the problem is uncertainty. Not knowing what will happen is scary. But so is slowly fading into dullness =).

Maybe we can pacify our brains by telling them that all we want is to increase our comfort zone =).


Take care, Stephan

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  1. Love it ! 😊 Very onspiring 😄

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