Positive News: Age is no excuse

A while ago, I wrote an article about adding some optimism to your news diet. Today’s entry is about an elderly lady who is still very active.

In his show Late Night with Seth Meyers, he sometimes has a section called “The kind of story we need right now”. Those stories give hope and they show what humans are capable of.

This time, he shared the story of an 83-year old Japanese lady who was just recognized as the world’s oldest DJ. She says that she works until 1 or 2 am or even until 4 am in the morning. I mean I am 32 now and even reading this makes me tired :D. It would already be a fascinating story when we end it here. However, there is more to it.

During the day, she works in a restaurant as a cook. That is another very demanding profession. Especially physically. Oh, and when she is done working as a DJ for the night, she often rides home by bike.

It is a wonderful example of what we are capable of even when we are old. It also shows that there is no “you are too old for this”. If you have a passion for something, do it. It is a beautiful story that made me smile and I hope I will be as active in my 80ies as she is.

Here is the video I was talking about:


Take care, Stephan

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  1. Maike says:

    Super inspiring!


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