A virtual self-development conference

Hello hello, long time no nothing…

I took a rather long break from writing this blog, but I feel that this was needed. I still kept writing, because I came up with a new project which is writing a book about strengths. I am still in the research phase, but I will write more about it as I progress.

My return to writing blog articles is motivated by a small experiment, I want to invite you as a reader to. This is a 7-day virtual self-development conference. In the past, I facilitated during several self-development conferences and also headed one myself. I always find it amazing to see how people change over the course of just one week.

There are a few goals this conference aims to achieve:

  •  to better understand yourself and why you behave the way you do
  • to figure out what you are good at
  • to shed light on what you like to do and where you see meaning
  • to come up with an action plan for a goal you set yourself
  • to build up confidence and motivation going forward


How will it look like?

Over the next seven days, starting tomorrow, I will write one article which covers a certain topic. Each day (blog article) will build on top of the previous one, so it makes sense to start with day one. I invite you to find a friend or family member to do the exercises I give; however, I am going to write them in a way that you can also do them on your own.

I also invite you to use this blog as a platform to ask questions and share your insights. I am always impressed and awed what insights people have by doing those exercises and going through a deep self-reflection process and your comment(s) will help me to better understand myself and others, too. So, thank you in advance =).

In the following, you can see the topics of each day:

Day 1: Know yourself

Day 2: Values

Day 3: Strengths

Day 4: Passion

Day 5: Purpose

Day 6: Planning

Day 7: Confidence & Motivation


That’s it for today. I am looking forward to picking up writing tis blog again, and I am curious how this little experiment will play out.


Have a wonderful day and take care, Stephan

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  1. It sounds like a great idea!

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    1. Thank you Caroline =)

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