What’s YOUR Destination?

When was the last time you sat down and thought about your life? Have you taken the time to discuss where you want to go and what else you want to experience in your life? Now you might say, “I do that all the time” or “I have a plan for my life”. I still have one more question. How much of YOU is in it?

We grow up under the influence of different people. So it is normal that we adopt values and desires without questioning them. Do you know what YOUR definition of a happy life is?  And what is, in your opinion, the definition of a happy life of your parents or what the society prescribes?

Only when we reach this depth can we say with conviction how we want to live our lives.

Often it is clarity that we lack to live the life we want. The answer to the question about your definition of a happy life is already a first step but can be difficult to answer under certain circumstances. Then it is good to have a look at your strengths and values.

This is something I do very often when working with my clients. If you are interested or have a question, feel free to write me. But now enough with self-marketing =).

Strengths, values and our purpose of life are very closely linked. If we can apply our signature strengths, i.e. the strengths that give us energy, then we not only have more energy in our lives but are demonstrably happier and more productive. And if we live our values, then we are very close to our meaning of life.

Maybe the following questions will help you to get closer to your mental image: What does your perfect week look like? What activities are included? With which people do you surround yourself? What do your work and leisure activities look like? Where are you? Create as detailed a picture as possible. Sometimes it can help to transform the image that has developed in your head into a vision board.

What is the danger of not doing this?

If we do not have a clear picture of who we are and what we want, there is always the danger that we are not at the wheel of our own lives. The consequence can be that we drift off in a direction we don’t like, but don’t realize it until years later. One day we wake up or have a realization at work and we realize that we are dissatisfied. At that point, at the latest, it is necessary to address the above-mentioned questions.

So why not now? A great side effect is that answering the questions and the increased clarity can lead to more energy and motivation. Sure, maybe there are doubts, but that’s something you can work on. Maybe with a coach?

Have a great day, Stephan

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  1. Very interesting thoughts! I like the idea of the vision board, though I haven’t done one myself!

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    1. Yeah I think that it is particularly useful for people who have tons of ideas and cannot decide what to do. This reminds them about their most important priorities at that time.

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