Happy New Year 2021 pt.2

What is your direction for 2021? – part2/8

Yesterday I asked you the question what you wish for your calling (job) in 2021. Today I want you to take a moment and think about in which areas you want to develop yourself?

Write the major things done and try to limit yourself to one to three items. One item on my list is to continue learning French.

Now, think about what you can do to achieve this. Again, it is not about having strict goals but it is about setting intentions. An intention for my wish to continue learning French is to regularly do lessons on Duolingo.

I also started to set a reminder for myself. Now, I check what I have written down once a week. Maybe I will play around with the frequency and do it only once a months. I still think it will help me to stay on track and have a better feeling about my overall direction.

Have a wonderful start into 2021 and talk to you tomorrow.


#reflection #2021goals #intentions #positivepsychology #positivecoach #personaldevelopment

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