Happy New Year 2021 pt.3

What is your direction for 2021? – part3/8

Today, we will have a look at what we wish for our relationships with family and friends to look like in 2021.

Maybe you want to strengthen the connection with your family or one person in your life. Or, you might want to allow yourself to be more courageous and open in how you communicate. The question is: What do YOU wish?

Now, think about what you can do to achieve this. Again, it is not about having strict goals but it is about setting intentions.

What you are looking for is a certain feeling. It should feel light or warm or just plain good when reading out loud and thinking about what you wish and how you want to achieve this.
Again, it is about setting a direction. Goals, especially when too many or too big can feel overwhelming and are often used by our mighty internal voice of ambition to criticise ourselves.

Have a wonderful start into 2021 and talk to you tomorrow.


#reflection #2021goals #familyandfriends #intentions #positivepsychology#personaldevelopment #positivecoach

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