Happy New Year 2021 pt.5

What is your direction for 2021? – part5/8

Our body are way more than just the shell and bones we that carries around our brains. Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. The way we treat ourbodies has a direct impact on how we feel.

That is why it makes sense to also think about your intentions for your body in 2021.
You can think about nutrition, sport or movement, sleep or be even more precise like focusing on a stronger back.

To achieve this you could think about trying a certain diet, go to have a massage or to the sauna, go to bed earlier etc. The problem is that, when we are young, our bodies don’t feel what we do to it.
However, it remembers and the problems might occur when we are older. Imagine you are older and finally have more time but you cannot move or are restricted by your health.

And I don’t argue for living a celibate life. I argue for living a balanced one.

Have a wonderful start into 2021 and talk to you tomorrow.


#2021goals #reflection #intentions #positivepsychology #positivecoach #body #health

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