Happy New Year 2021 pt.7

What is your direction for 2021? – part7/8

What is it that you wish for your heart? You can also ask what do you wish when it comes to love in your life?

What kind of relationships do you want to lead? Do you wish to have a strong and free heart again that is open for someone new? Or do you want to give it time to heal?

Love is essential in all of our lives. Still, more and more people feel lonely. It is not possible to force someone else to love us.


We can learn to show us more love and affirmation. We all are good enough. You are good enough.
Let’s set an intention how we can go one step toward ourselves to be better able to go one step toward someone else and spread more love.

Have a wonderful start into 2021 and talk to you tomorrow.


#2021goals #reflection #intentions #positivepsychology #positivecoach #health #heart #love

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