Happy New Year 2021 pt.8

What is your direction for 2021? – part8/8

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

This is not about coming up with a concrete plan. However, if you do feel motivated to create such a plan, perfect =)

Still, this question should help to strengthen the direction and help you think about more long-term. Just write down where do you see yourself in terms of the most important areas in your life. Those can be the ones I used for this reflection series or you can come up with your own areas.
Again, what you should be looking for is a feeling of motivation, warmth and/or lightness.

Maybe you want to addand continue with a different area. Maybe you area mom or dadand you want to set intentions for the parent you want to be. Maybe you want to set financial intentions. Think about what is important to you and simply add this area to your list.

Last but not least, all the intentions are not meant to be never-changing. If you feel that you want to add or cross out an intention on your lists, do so. Life, as are we, is a work in progress. I won’t be held prisoner by the thoughts I held yesterday. If I learn something new, I am open to change the way I think and act. And my opinion should count at least as much as others.

As you can see, it is all about balance.

And this is what I wish for you. A wonderful and balanced year 2021.

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