What to do when you are held back by lack of action?

Well, the easy answer is: Act. Do something. But if you are a like me, this is not so easy. Maybe you know this. You have a ton of ideas. You develop and conceptualize, but only a fraction if anything at all will see the light of day. The reasons can be various. A lack…

Positive News: Age is no excuse

A while ago, I wrote an article about adding some optimism to your news diet. Today’s entry is about an elderly lady who is still very active. In his show Late Night with Seth Meyers, he sometimes has a section called “The kind of story we need right now”. Those stories give hope and they…

There is (always) a better way

Our lives are filled with hurdles. Now, you can see those barriers as a reason to quit, or you can see them as puzzles life is throwing at you for you to solve. I agree though that it is not always easy to see our problems as puzzles we can solve. I think it needs…

How Do YOU Define Success?

More often, I am talking to myself that I want to win at life. I don’t want to play not to lose but to win. I want my life to be a success. But how does a successful life look like? And what does it even mean?

A book about yourself pt. II

Yesterday I introduced you to a specific kind of journal which I call a book about yourself. Today, I spent a lot of time with it figuring out of what I’d like to have more in the next year. It already started quite a process.