Strategies when needing a break: Going for a walk

Today was a very intense day. The thing was that I couldn’t plan for it the way it played out. If you know that an intense day will come, you can take precautions to stay balanced and energized and you can come up with a plan how to structure this day. For me, it was…

Reduce my information intake

Sometimes I feel like drowning in information. Sure, this problem is often self-made, but getting out of this habit to constantly consume new information is difficult.

Achieving more with more breaks

To achieve a lot during the day, my believe was that I have to work a lot. And breaks are a waste of time. But this only lead me procrastinating and taking even more breaks. This, in turn, strengthened my belief that breaks are a waste of time. But contrary to my initial belief, can…

Taking a break

In two days, I will dive into my winter vacation. It also marks the end of my project work in Switzerland. This means that I will be able to take a break. A break that is needed, but also a break that I need to spend wisely.