How to heal a broken heart?

Ok… it is time for another article about dealing with matters of the heart. What I will write about is above all else a list for me. It is therefore my subjective list and is by no means exhaustive and rather a work in progress. Writing this down helps me to process some of the…

Positive News: Small acts of kindness

A while ago, I wrote an article about adding some optimism to your news diet. Today’s entry gives hope. It shows that even small acts of kindness and compassion can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives.

Leadership and Selflessness

A few days ago, I got lucky to take part in an online session with Joan Halifax, who is an American Zen Buddhist teacher. After a short, guided meditation, she invited to ask questions. The main topic was compassion. One discussion in particular kept me thinking. Is the promotion of selflessness in a leadership setting…

Listen to understand

I am guilty. Guilty of not really listening the way I should. But it doesn’t have to do with not being interested. Sometimes, the opposite gets in the way.