World Mental Health Day

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. I actually didn’t know and only found out because two of my favorite YouTubers dedicated their videos to this subject. They did this because they suffer from depression. You know that I write about this topic from time to time. Especially when I feel down and depressed myself. This…

Am I onto something?

In the recent time, I wrote a lot about depression and how to fight or maybe alleviate the suffering it causes people suffering from it. Again, I am not depressive. At least I have not been treated or felt the need to check whether I suffer from it or not. Did I have depressive episodes?…

Positive News: Small acts of kindness

A while ago, I wrote an article about adding some optimism to your news diet. Today’s entry gives hope. It shows that even small acts of kindness and compassion can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives.

Is Happiness an inside job?

You might have read it somewhere as an inspirational quote: Happiness is an inside job. But is it though?

Mindfulness: Benefits – II

This is the 2nd part of the series which discovers the benefits of having a regular mindfulness practice. I try to add my personal experience regarding the benefit I write about. Those advantages stem from books, articles, videos, and my personal experience. I recommend to read the 1st part which you can find here.

Afraid of the Future

Maybe two weeks ago I stumbled upon an article in my constant pursuit to better understand depression. In this article, I read something for the first time that struck a nerve. It mentioned that one part in the whole mental health dilemma could be our generation’s fear of the future.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

From time to time, I write about depression and anxiety. I know that it is not the most positive topic, but it is something I think about. I try to understand it and I want to find means how to combat and alleviate it. At the moment, I have two opposing thoughts in my mind….

Brick by Brick

We want to lead an adventurous life. A life filled with excitement. We want to create that is special. We want to constantly be happy and successful. We want to discover and explore and we are innately curious. This can drive us. This can also put a lot of pressure on us, too.

Finding light in the Darkness

Even the Buddhist say: Life is suffering. Okay, they also say how to alleviate suffering, but this process is hard and long, and for many not very appealing. This means we are faced with a lot of darkness in our lives and one task is bestowed upon us: finding light.

Diet and depression

A couple of years ago, I experienced my lowest point so far. When I finally climbed out of this hole, I asked myself: What can I do that something like that doesn’t happen to me again? After my experience from the second half of last year and the time it took me (probably still takes…