What Price are You Willing to Pay?

Many of us have wishes, goals and ideas about what we still want to achieve in our lives or what our life should look like in the best case. We imagine in our thoughts how nice it would be to achieve this and, if we are good, we even become active to go in the right direction. We make plans and, if we are smart, we get support for difficult tasks or setbacks.

To hope or not to hope

You probably know this feeling. There is something you wish for, but you know you should not hope too much, otherwise not getting it can be difficult to bear. It is a roller coaster. Our minds alternating between painting bright and hopeful pictures of what will happen, if our wish comes true, and painting dark…

A tidbit of wisdom

I am always curious to learn something new. Fortunately, or unfortunately those moments of wisdom are rare and come unexpected. Sometimes it is something another person says. One sentence in an hour long talk that makes you think, oh yeah, she/he is right about that and why didn’t I realize it before, or I will…

Brick by Brick

We want to lead an adventurous life. A life filled with excitement. We want to create that is special. We want to constantly be happy and successful. We want to discover and explore and we are innately curious. This can drive us. This can also put a lot of pressure on us, too.

More than just a number

Working in a big company can feel cold sometimes. The question is why does it feel that way and what is the effect?

Starting small

I guess we all have dreams about our lives and what would make it wonderful. If you are like me, you might have big dreams at times and a lot of things you want to do and/or achieve. This entry is about one way to reach your goals: By starting small.