Strategies when needing a break: Going for a walk

Today was a very intense day. The thing was that I couldn’t plan for it the way it played out. If you know that an intense day will come, you can take precautions to stay balanced and energized and you can come up with a plan how to structure this day. For me, it was…

Am I onto something?

In the recent time, I wrote a lot about depression and how to fight or maybe alleviate the suffering it causes people suffering from it. Again, I am not depressive. At least I have not been treated or felt the need to check whether I suffer from it or not. Did I have depressive episodes?…

The Effects of Words

A while ago, I wrote a poem called Mind Your Words which was aimed at highlighting the power of words. With today’s article, I want to give another example and some food for thought.

Classical music and dancing: pure energy

I think all humans have a special relationship with music. I am no different. Without music something would be missing. The same is true for moving our bodies, especially via dancing. Our bodies can often express our feelings better than any words could do. When music and dance come together, magical things can happen.

A book about yourself pt. II

Yesterday I introduced you to a specific kind of journal which I call a book about yourself. Today, I spent a lot of time with it figuring out of what I’d like to have more in the next year. It already started quite a process.

Know how to recharge your batteries

We all spend energy. Sometimes more, and sometimes less. At the moment, I know that everything I do costs me a bit more energy than usual. That is why it is even more important to know how I can recharge my batteries.