It is okay to be okay

The first question people tend to ask is: How are you? I am no exception. However, as one of the most frequently heard answers is a variation of “fine”, “good” or “okay”, we tend to over-analyze this answer. Sometimes we are just okay. Is this a problem?

Relaxation Techique: The Pond

Several years ago, I attended a project management workshop. The workshop was very good, but there is only one thing I can still remember. At the very beginning, the facilitator used a method to help us relax and focus. I think those methods are a wonderful way to kick-start a meeting, or to reinvigorate a…

Curious like a child

Yesterday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. This means that the whole family came together, including my sister and her family. I always enjoy spending time with my nephew, as I don’t see him very often. This is an entry that highlights the mind of a child and what I want to copy from him.

Mindfulness: Focus Meditation

One of my favorite subjects is mindfulness. As I have the tendency to overthink, everything that helps me to remain in the present moment is highly appreciated. More than seven years ago, a very good friend introduced me to one technique. I was skeptical at first, but after a short period I was hooked. Today,…